The final project will consist of:

- Research Paper: with annotated bibliography and annotated
  internet sources.
- Power Point Presentation: with a minimum of 10 slides
- Oral Presentation: 20 minutes


1. Black Holes: 
How Black Holes Work
Imagine the Universe: Black Holes
Black Holes and Beyond
Black Holes FAQ
Black Holes and Neutron Stars
No Escape: The Truth About Black Holes
What Happens at the Edge of a Black Hole?

2. Time Travel:
Is Time Travel Possible?
How Time Travel Will Work
NOVA Online: Time Travel
Everything you always wanted to know about Time Travel
Time Travel

3. Particle Accelerators: 
How Atom Smashers Work
Particle Accelerators Overview
Accelerators: CERN
Accelerator Form and Function: STANFORD
The Fermilab Virtual Tour

4. Laser Technology: 
How Lasers Work
Everything about Lasers
Laser Technology
Laser Physics

5. The Invisible Eye: Radars and Ultrasound: 
How Radar Works
How Does Radar Work?
Radar-ology: Everything you want to know about Radar
Radar FAQ's
How does SONAR work?
How SONAR Works
How Ultrasound Works

6. Magnetic Resonance Imaging: MRI
How MRI Works
Resonant Imaging
Basics of MRI
The Development of MRI

7. Digital Recording: CDs and DVDs: 
How CDs Work
How Compact Discs Work
How does a Compact Disc Work?
How Analog and Digital Recording Works
How DVDs Work

8. Infrared Astronomy: 
Infrared Astronomy
Infrared Astronomy Missions
The Infrared
Multiwavelength Astronomy

9. The Invisible Eye: X-Rays:  
How X-Rays Work
X-Rays Interactive Information
X-Rays - Another Form of Light
X-Ray Astronomy vs. Medical X-Rays
Making X-Rays
A History of X-Rays