The final project will consist of:

- Research Paper

The final paper should consist of a typed report including five sections as follows:

1. Cover Page: Project Title and Names
2. Table of Contents
3. Introduction: Brief abstract of the project.
4.  Report:
- What area of Modern Physics is related to the topic?
- Overview of the Physics behind…
- Complete explanation of how  your topic works
- Practical applications
5. Bibliography
Books: use MLA guidelines.
Websites: write Annotated Links
Annotated Link: Consists of three parts:
- NAME of the website,
- URL (web address) of the site and a
- BRIEF (one or two sentences) description of the
Views of the Solar System
Contains a  multimedia presentation of the Sun,
               planets, moons,comets, asteroids, and more.
Includes the latest scientific information.

- Power Point Presentation

- Your PPT should contain a minimum of 10 slides plus an
  opening slide with the title of your project and team
- Every graphic/picture should contain its source (URL) in
        small font  type.
- PPT should be turned-in one class day before your
  You can bring it on CD or  saved on a mini-drive.

Note: You can find very good PPT tutorials online:
Power Point Basics
Power Point in the Classroom

- Oral Presentation

- Be on time with all your materials.
- The length of the presentation is 20 minutes
- Your PPT should be used as a visual aid only.
- Each member of the team should speak equal amounts
        of time.
- Note cards with presentation cues are permitted.
- Reading your project in front of the class will result in a
        20 point deduction.