The discoveries and new ideas of the early 20th century led to two new theories: relativity and quantum physics. These two theories form the basis for physics as it is practiced today and  are already having a significant impact on 21st century engineering.

Modern Physics is a trimester physics course that covers selected topics in special relativity, quantum physics and nuclear physics.

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Modern Physics Weekly
Information about weekly assignments: readings, homework, class work, tests and research projects.

Modern Physics Final Projects
Final projects: topics, research links, presentation dates and general guidelines for report, Power Point and oral presentation.

Modern Physics Syllabus
The Modern Physics curriculum with all unit objectives.

Modern Physics Information
General information about: materials, assignments, homework,
tests, grading policy and make-up work.

Physics Tutorials
Complete online tutorials organized by Physics topic with lecture notes, animations and step-by-step problem solving.

Inquiry-oriented activities that adapt the main guidelines of a Web Quest.

Physics Problem Solving Skills
Step-by-step general suggestions and strategies in solving physics problems.
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